Everlast 6503 Leather Medicine Ball (11-12 lbs.)

This is just one example of what you can do with your new medicine ball, no cheating and letting it rest on the floor mind, or putting your toes onto the floor, or that won’t leave you with a body like hers will it?  This really is just one example (a great example if I do say so myself) of the type of exercises you could do with a leather 12 lb medicine ball, and what you could hope to look like when you’ve finished. Hmmm, it might take some time but persevere. Don’t feel left out boys, it’s great for you too, just use a little imagination.

Exactly what the pro’s use! Authentic leather medicine balls for upper and lower body workouts! Ideal for medicine ball training, exercises, drills and workouts.

Sale Price:$39.99

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